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Teach your dog to roll over

Learn how to train your dog to roll over in three easy steps! With dog treats, patience, and a little bit of work your dog will be trained in no time.

1 Teach your dog to lie down. You can train your dog to lie down by placing him/her in the sitting position. Then say "down" and bring the treat towards the floor to get the dog to follow. If your dog does not understand, you can help things along by gently pushing the dog towards the floor. When your dog lies down, praise him/her and offer the treat immediately. Work with your dog until he/she can lie down on command and stay in that position.

2 When your dog is on the ground, put the treat around the back of the dog's neck. Gently push on one of the dog's shoulders to push him/her into rolling over towards the treat. While you do this, say the command "roll over." Your dog will roll to try and get the treat. Be sure to give him/her the treat when the roll is completed.

3 Work with your dog for 5-10 minutes a day on the new command, and make sure to keep it fun. When your dog successfully rolls over for a treat, begin using the command without a treat. Be sure to offer your dog positive reinforcement so that completing a command is fun and rewarding.

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Teach your dog to lie down

Teach your dog to lie down

1 Grab a doggie treat and put your dog in front of yourself. Make your dog interested in the treat by waving it in its face.

2 Put the dog into a sit position and hold the treat close to the dogs nose, then slowly move your hand towards the floor.

3 The dog's head will follow the treat onto the ground.

4 Pull the treat (still on the floor) towards the dogs chest and the dog should lie down in order to gain it. Do not pull it towards you as this will encourage the dog to get up and walk towards the treat. If the dog does get up repeat the process but when moving the treat towards the dog do it much slower.

5 Give your canine the treat, but only AFTER he gets into the lying down posture. If your lovable little pooch doesn't comply , don't give him the treat now. Instead, try again. Do reward small behaviours that lead to the desired task such as dog lays down half way but not completely in the initial stages if he does not comply straight away or it may lead to frustration.

6 Do keep the session short 5-10 minutes max but regular throughout the day.

7 Only when your dog is doing the task should you put in a verbal command to link with the action as saying the word down when the dog is not down will not teach the dog to make the association with the desired action and word. To go even further, you can slide the treat to the opposite side in which your canine friend is laying. Hopefully he will roll over.

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